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News :: Ethics Education Workshop, 22th Oct.2011, Chennai, India
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Ethics Education Workshop, 22th Oct.2011, Chennai, India

An Ethics Education Workshop using the Learning to Live Together  (LTLT) Manual was organized for the first time on 22th October, 2011 in Chennai , India, by Navadisha Montessori School. It was a follow up of the Coimbatore Peace Festival organized by Shanti Ashram and  Navadhisha Montessori School on 9th of August 2011  in India. Read more
The Ethics Education Workshop was coordinated by  Mr.G.Vijayaragavan and Ms. Prabha Karthik , and had  nearly 150 children and youth  participants.
The objectives of the Workshop were to build children’s capacities through ethics education by using the LTLT Manual. Participants were introduced to four ethical values embedded in the LTLT  (Respect, Reconciliation and Responsibility and Empathy) and learned about their rights and responsibilities in transforming the world.    
Children enjoyed the methodologies and activities from ‘Learning to Live Together’ Manual. All the sixteen facilitators involved in the activities explained them in a very friendly manner.

After introducing the program, participants were divided into four groups. Each group session was handled by two elderly facilitators and two young facilitators. For the afternoon session the whole group of children participated in the “Child Rights and Responsibilities Session.” After this session, the participants were divided into two groups to work on the four values performing Arts, Eco Art and Dance. Eco Art technique was used to address the value of Respect and the Responsibilities of nature; similarly, dance gave participants the space to reflect about empathy and reconciliation values. 

Quotes from Participants…

Learning Points
“I learnt to live together, how to work as a team in order to cooperate with other. I also learnt about our responsibilities to show sympathy and empathy and also to respect other”– Karthikeyan. R,

“I learnt how to work in groups, like sharing ideas, what is empathy, whom to give respect, etc. I like  activities done today”-Venkatesh, VIIIstd, Navadhisha Montessori School

“The workshop means a lot to me as I have learnt a lot of things about the things that I have been ignoring all these days.I discovered a new ‘ME’ as I got a chance to explore things about myself that  I haven’t noticed all these years.”– S. Divya Prabha,


“I wish that this Ethics workshop should be conducted all over India. The information to learn to live together should be spread all over the globe.” – Karthikeyan. R.

“I wish we could live in a peaceful world. A world without war, hatred and violence, I want to see all people stand united in the face of adversity.” – Vishwanath,

“I wish that I could get one more opportunity like this because from this workshop I got to know team work.” – Gokul Vasan,

Taking Home with Me:

“I am going home with a lot of experience, made new friends, knowledge and feeling good inside…” – Gita

“Today I take back home feeling which makes me able to do good help and service to other and an idea of doing art with natural paints” – Sruthi. B

“I took many knowledge, friendship, coordination, wonderful moments, and many team works. I will never forget this moment and I will miss all my new friends”- D.Indirajith

Festival Final Quote:

“That Our work for Children must combine Ensuring Rights and realizing Responsibilities…Because Children learn from living examples”
-Mahatma Gandhi

For more Information, you can read the full report
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